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Your rights when you use bank services, including accounts, charges, and electronic banking.


A way of dealing with debts you cannot pay. Includes what happens when you file your own petition or when you are made bankrupt.

Benefit administration

How the benefits system works, and queries about entitlement to benefits.

Benefit claims and payments

How to claim benefits, and how you will be paid.

Benefit fraud

Checks on social security benefit claims, including evidence you may need to support a claim. What to do if fraud is suspected.

Benefit revision and appeal

What to do if you think a decision about your benefits is wrong. How to appeal against decisions. Time limits for appealing.


Information on welfare benefits and tax credits to help you to work out which benefits or tax credits you could claim.

Benefits for families and children

Benefits for families and pregnant women.

Bereavement benefits

Benefits for widows and widowers, including help with funerals.

Betting and gaming

The rules about all types of betting.


Your rights about birth, including issues relating to unborn children and surrogacy, and how to register a birth.

Birth certificates

The rules about registering a birth. How to get a copy of your birth certificate. The position of transgendered people with regard to altering your original birth certificate.

Building societies

Information about the services you can get from building societies.

Buying and selling of goods

Your rights and responsibilities when buying or selling goods.