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Savings and Investments

Information about the different types of savings and investments you can get.Your rights to protection from being misadvised when you make an investment.

Savings plans

Information about investing in savings plans and the different types of savings plans you can get. Includes individual savings accounts (ISAs) that have replaced PEPs and TESSAs.

School admissions policy

Choosing a school for your child. How to appeal if you are unhappy with the school that has been chosen for your child

School discipline

The responsibility of schools to deal with problems including bullying and truancy. Covers the action that you and the school can take, if you are not happy with your own or your child's treatment or protection.


Rights to education at state and private schools for children and young people aged 5 to 16.

Security of tenure

Your rights to stay in your home if you are renting it.

Self employment

How to tell if you are employed or self employed. The rules relating to working for yourself.


Information about all aspects of sentencing after you have been found guilty of a criminal offence.

Separation, divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships

Legal issues when your relationship ends, whether you are married, registered as civil partners, or not.

Settlement and integration

Includes information about how people coming to live in the UK from other countries can get help to settle here and use essential services.

Sex crimes

Information about various sexual offences.

Sex discrimination

Information about sex discrimination and how and where it may affect you. Includes the rights of women, men and transgender people not to be treated unfairly because of their gender, because they are married or because they are raising a family.

Sex discrimination at work

Information about your rights not to be treated unfairly in the workplace because of your gender. Covers sexual harassment at work and the rights of transgendered workers, or those planning to undergo gender reassignment.

Sexual and reproductive health

Your rights to health care services for sexual and reproductive health. Includes contraception; pregnancy; and testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexual orientation discrimination

Information about sexual orientation discrimination and how and where it may affect you. Includes information on your rights not to be treated unfairly because you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight.

Sexual orientation discrimination at work

Includes information about your rights not to be treated unfairly because of your sexual orientation.

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