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What Advicenow can do for your organisation

Advicenow is recognised as the expert body on information standards. We are the specialists in translating the law into accessible and engaging information, that centres around the needs of users. Our resources not only explain the law but also what the user needs to do and how to do it.

Why resources created by Advicenow are different

All our resources have a distinctive easy-to-use and supportive style. They start from the position of the user and centre around their needs. They explain the law and processes involved as well as explaining what the reader needs to do and how to do it. They recognise the barriers and stress the user experiences and how that impacts upon their ability to deal effectively with the issue. They are tested with a mixture of members of the target audience, intermediaries, and experts on the topic before publication, to ensure they are as helpful and clear as possible.

All our work is underpinned by Better Information principles which were developed through consultation with a wide range of information providers, analysis of existing good practice from across the globe, and analysis of the results of our pilots, evaluations and feedback.

We can help your organisation to improve your service to clients and reduce avoidable strain on services by:

  • Providing high quality self-help materials for your clients on issues that are not well covered by existing services; 
  • Providing high quality self-management materials that enable your clients to manage as much of the problem on their own as possible;
  • Providing high quality materials that help your clients to take early action to avoid the legal problem or prevent it escalating.

We can manage the production of a resource for you from concept to evaluation, or take on separate stages of the production process as required. We can vary the level of our branding and editorial control, and adapt our style and messaging to the approach you want to take.

We can also help you to improve the information you produce for your clients. We can do this by providing:

  • Audits of information produced in-house and tailored advice on how to improve its effectiveness.
  • Analysis of information need and gaps in provision.
  • Training on how to produce your own ‘Better Information’
  • An information policy for your organisation

Why other organisations choose us

We have a wealth of experience working with government departments, voluntary organisations and frontline agencies. Organisations choose us because of our expertise, our trusted status, our reputation, our ability to reach the public and intermediaries close to the problem, and because we are flexible, easy to work with, and good value.

If you'd like to chat about working with us, please get in touch. You can contact us the feedback form below or email advicenow@lawforlife.org.uk


Some of our recent commissions with or for other organisations

  • Royal Courts of Justice Advice Bureau Going to court guides
    Advicenow was commissioned by the Royal Courts of Justice Advice Bureau to write a series of guides to civil proceedings to meet the needs of litigants in person. Going to court guides
  • Scope's Guide to Challenging cuts to your care package
    Scope commissioned us to produce a guide to help their users challenge cuts to their care packages or support services. Cuts to your care package
  • Information strategy for Litigants in Person
    The Civil Justice Council commissioned us to develop an information strategy for Litigants in Person, which is underway. This will put the needs of litigants in person at the heart of the process and provide a strategic overview of how to go about producing effective information for litigants in person as well as the mechanics of how to go about it. This follows on from a scoping review of supporting guidance for court forms which the Civil Justice Council also commissioned Advicenow to do.
  • Royal Courts of Justice Advice Bureau COURTNAV project
    Advicenow was commissioned to write some of the content for the family module of the Royal Courts of Justice Advice Bureau’s Courtnav website and a guide to ending a marriage or civil partnership to accompany it.

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