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Turned down for DLA, AA or PIP? Or think you're not getting enough?

Photo of a woman Did they make the wrong decision about your claim for Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance? Do you want them to look at their decision again? We explain what to do every step of the way.

Problems with benefits and tax credits

A photo of a Job Centre Plus office Benefit claims can be very tricky. Many people have problems regularly. We look at how you can deal with some of the thorniest benefit issues, and take tips from experts on how to stop them from occurring in the first place.

Managing your benefits - top tips

Photo of a woman The benefits system is really complicated and confusing and things often go wrong. Here are our top tips to help prevent problems from cropping up in the first place, and to help sort them out quickly when they occur. What are yours?

Seven steps - How to solve an everyday legal problem

Picture of an older white man standing in a field (by Emy Lou) In this guide we will outline the seven steps you can take to solve your everyday legal problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don't stress about it - success is just seven steps away!

Dealing with Tax Credit overpayments

A picture of a couple with a child If you've received a letter saying you've been overpaid tax credits you are likely to be confused, worried, and stressed. We will help you find out more about your overpayment and explain what you can do about it. We will guide you through step by step and help you deal with your overpayment with as little hassle as possible.

How to handle an interview under caution

A photo of a Job Centre Plus office If the council or DWP think you have lied about something to do with your benefits, they might ask you to an 'interview under caution'. We explain what this is, what can happen, and what steps you can take.

I'm disabled, but they didn't believe me!

Photo of a man smiling I have epilepsy but my claim for Disability Living Allowance was turned down. This is my story about how I appealed.

Benefits and money

Photo of money and purse We explain how living with your partner affects your benefits and the amount of tax you have to pay. We also look at money and debts, and whether you are financially responsible for eachother.

Expecting your rights

A picture of a young couple at a party If you are about to become a parent you are probably excited. But when you are not hopping from foot to foot with pure joy, you might also be a little bit worried about how it will go down at work, how you'll survive financially, and how you can juggle being a top-quality parent and a treasured employee at the same time. We explain your rights at work if you are pregnant, if your partner is, or if you are adopting.

Young workers

A picture of a young person working in a cafe ...Are you young and working? Or, thinking about starting work for the first time? Don't let your job become a bad experience you'd rather forget - Have a read of our guide for Young Workers. It explains what rights you have at work and how to make sure you are treated properly by your boss.

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Benefit administration

How the benefits system works, and queries about entitlement to benefits.

Benefit claims and payments

How to claim benefits, and how you will be paid.

Benefit fraud

Checks on social security benefit claims, including evidence you may need to support a claim. What to do if fraud is suspected.

Benefit revision and appeal

What to do if you think a decision about your benefits is wrong. How to appeal against decisions. Time limits for appealing.

Benefits for families and children

Benefits for families and pregnant women.

Bereavement benefits

Benefits for widows and widowers, including help with funerals.

Carers benefits

Benefits you may be able to claim if you are caring for a disabled person.

Childrens benefits

Benefits you may be able to claim if you have children aged under 18. Includes child benefit and benefits with extra payments for children.

Housing related benefits

Benefits for help with your housing costs. Includes information on housing benefit, council tax benefit and mortgage payments from income support.

Income support

Income Support is a benefit for people under 60 on a low income who do not have to look for work. See 'Job seeking benefits' if you are available for work.

Job seeking benefits

Benefits you may be able to claim if you are looking for work, or if you are in work and have a low income.

Maternity benefits

Includes all benefits and payments you may be entitled to if you, or your partner, are pregnant, or if you are adopting a child.

Older persons benefits

Benefits for older people. For state retirement pensions, see 'retirement pensions'. For social fund, see 'social fund payments'

Retirement pensions

State retirement pensions. For private or company pensions see 'pensions'.

Sickness and disability benefits

Benefits you may be able to claim if you have a disability or if you are not able to work because you are sick. Also covers benefits for accidents at work and industrial diseases.

Social fund payments

Payments available from the social fund, including grants and loans for specific life incidents.

Tax credits

Information on tax credits, including who is entitled to tax credits, how to apply and how the credits are paid.

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Need help with a problem? Find advice services and solicitors near you who can help you solve your problem. Many people are able to get free help and advice.