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Top ten dreadful discrimination dilemmas

Now that Barack Obama is in the White House you could be forgiven for believing that discrimination is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it still happens all the time. Here we present our top ten dreadful discrimination dilemmas:

1. Pizza Hut tells group of gay men 'We've run out of pizza'!

No pizzaWhen a group of nine gay men, some dressed in women's clothes, tried to get a table in Pizza Hut in Blackpool they were told that the restaurant had run out of pizza:
BBC News - Pizza Hut sued for discrimination

2. No 'coffin dodgers' allowed

A 58 year old worker had to put up with ageist comments from his boss who told him that he didn't want any coffin dodgers in his office.
Got a problem? - No coffin dodgers in the office

3. Mother of disabled son told her child was 'always fxxxing sick'

A law firm has been found guilty of discriminating against one of its employees, the mother of a disabled child, 'by association'. The case could offer new rights to thousands of carers:
The Guardian - Carer brings hope to millions

4. Wheelchair user made to stay in a corner

A wheelchair user who joined a club in her local town hall was told that she would have to stay in the corner so that she wouldn't be a danger to others.
Got a problem? - They want me to stay in the corner

5. When flirty chat turns to sexual harassment

Two colleagues exchanged saucy letters at work, but only one is investigated. Is he guilty of sexual harassment or is he being discriminated against?
Got a problem? - Will they sack me?

6. Guide dog refused entry to Belfast restaurant

Birthday celebrations for two friends with visual impairments ended unhappily when the restaurant where they had reserved a table refused to let their guide dog in.
BBC News - Restaurant refused blind friends

7. Disabled teenager forced to do his banking in the street

A court has ordered the Royal Bank of Scotland to install a wheelchair lift after a disabled teenager took them to court.
BBC News - Disabled youth wins legal battle

8. Immigrant stuck between a rock and a hard place

An immigrant, working legally, was asked by his boss to show him his passport to prove that he has the right to work in the UK. He couldn't show them his passport because it was with the Home Office being checked. So they sacked him.
Got a problem? - Produce your passport or leave

9. Cancer patient given poor performance rating

A woman with cancer did her best to continue working through her illness and treatment, although she did cut down her hours. Now, her employer has given her a rating of 'under performing'.
Got a problem? I feel I'm being punished

10. Age discrimination at 21

A twenty-one year had shifts taken from her and given to a younger worker - aged 17 - so that they could pay him the lower minimum wage.
Got a problem - Replaced by someone younger and cheaper

For more straight-talking information on discrimination, including guides, quizzes, polls and sound files visit: Is that discrimination?

January 2009

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