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Information about the money you are awarded after you have won a court case. See also compensation for injury.

Data protection

Your rights about what personal information can be held about you. The rules about storing and passing on personal information.


The rules about registering a death. Information about wills, burials and cremations.

Death certificates

The rules about registering a death.


How to deal with your debts. Includes how to deal with court procedures.

Debt collection

What to do if your creditor takes action against you. Includes debt collection agencies, court action and bailiffs.

Delivery services

Your rights when dealing with delivery services, including goods deliveries and couriers.

Democratic process and voting

Information about democracy, government and elections. Your rights to vote.

Dental treatment

Information on dentists, including finding a dentist; dental charges; and complaints.

Dependencies and substance abuse

How the law might affect you if have a physical or psychological addiction. Includes addictive behaviour and the misuse of substances.

Deportation and removals

Includes information about when someone is ordered to leave the country. This may be because their presence in the UK is considered 'not conducive to the public good', they have committed a crime, have overstayed their leave, breached conditions of their leave or obtained remain to leave by deception.

Detention and enforcement

How and when you can be detained (kept at a detention or immigration centre for example) when you have come into the UK, and how these rules are enforced.

Detention centres

Information about detention centres for young offenders.

Devolved government

The arrangements of countries and regions within the UK to govern themselves. Includes information about the National Assembly for Wales and Regional Assemblies.

Disability discrimination

Information about disability discrimination and how and where it may affect you. Includes information on your rights not to be treated unfairly because of your disability.

Disability discrimination at work

Information on your rights not to be treated unfairly in the workplace because of a disability.

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