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The tax system in England and Wales and how it affects you.

Tax credits

Information on tax credits, including who is entitled to tax credits, how to apply and how the credits are paid.


Your rights about using land-line telephone services.


The rules about the content of programmes, including censorship issues.

Tenancies and licences

Your rights if you live in rented property. Covers what type of tenancy you might have.

Tenancy agreements

Your rights, and the rights of your landlord. Including your rights even if you don't have a written tenancy agreement.


Information about all types of theft, handling stolen goods, and other crimes against property.

Time off work

Your rights to be allowed time off work for specified reasons. Includes maternity leave.


Issues around timeshare holiday homes or bogus holiday clubs. Things to watch out for before you sign a contract and your right to change your mind.

Tour operators

Your rights about companies that sell foreign holidays.

Trade descriptions

When you buy goods or services, the law gives you certain rights. Your rights explained.

Trade union membership

Your rights to belong to a trade union.

Trade unions and industrial relations

Your rights to join unions, to take part in decisions affecting your work and working conditions and to take industrial action in certain instances.

Trading standards

Local authority trading standards services give information and advice regarding the buying and selling of goods and services. They may be able to help if you have a complaint against a shop or business.

Traffic accidents

Information about road traffic accidents.


Information if you are looking for training to help you get a job.

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