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Animal health and welfare

Information about health and welfare of animals.

Animal rights

Information about animal rights, animal testing and humane methods of rearing animals.


Your rights if arrested and your right to free legal representation at the police station.

Asylum appeals

Includes information about appealing against decisions relating to asylum

Asylum applications and decisions

Includes information about the procedures relating to the granting of asylum, including screening and interviews.

Asylum for children

Includes information about provisions for children who arrive unaccompanied to seek asylum, rather than as a dependant of an adult asylum seeker.

Asylum seekers and refugees

Your rights to protection by the UK government because you have fled from another country because of fear of persecution.

Asylum support

Information about the support available for asylum seekers - including health, welfare, housing and education.

Attendance at school

Rights to education for children who cannot go to school for different reasons, including sickness and pregnancy. Covers your rights to educate your child at home. For truancy see school discipline.


Your rights when selling or buying at an auction.

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