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Sean sorts it

Sean's gas bill
"I got a massive gas bill just before Christmas. It's never that high, so I checked the meter reading myself. It was completely different to what it said on the bill! I called customer services and tried to explain, but the woman I spoke to didn't believe me. I asked her to send somebody round to check it, and she agreed. I made a note of our conversation, the date and her name.

I thought that would be the end of it but a few weeks later I got a red bill for the full amount. I phoned customer services and explained that I had spoken to Cheryl on 19th December, and what we had agreed. The woman I spoke to this time, Sarah, apologised but said there was no note on the system. She said she would make sure somebody was sent out later that day. Again, I recorded the date, her name, and what she’d promised.

When I received another bill, this time threatening to cut me off, I phoned Citizens Advice Consumer Service. I explained the problem and that I'd tried to sort it out and they referred me to the Extra Help Unit. The Extra Help Unit said they were able to help me. I got a call a few days later telling me it had all been sorted finally, and then I got a bill for the right amount."

January 2014

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