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Transport, travel and leisure

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Air travel

The rules about air travel, including international and domestic flights.

Betting and gaming

The rules about all types of betting.

Country pursuits

The laws around activities such as hunting, shooting, fishing, rambling, walking, and climbing.


Information about all types of entertainment, including dancing, theatre, cinema, the arts and ballet.

Football pools

The rules about the football pools.

Holiday accommodation

The regulation of different types of holiday accommodation and your rights if it is dangerous or substandard.


Your rights about holidays.

Horse racing and dog racing

The regulation of horse and dog racing, and gambling on them.

Indoor sports

Information about indoor sports.

National Lottery

The rules about the National Lottery and the allocation of prizes.

Outdoor sports

Information about all sports which are normally played outdoors.

Package holidays

Your rights about package holidays.

Public transport

Your rights about using public transport, including bus and coach services. How to complain, and when you may be entitled to a refund.

Rail travel

Your rights about train services. How to complain about poor service, and when you may be entitled to a refund.

Religion, culture and heritage

Includes information about different religious groups and cultural heritage activities.

Road transport and driving

Information about travel by road. Includes the rules about vehicle licensing and road safety.

Sports and recreation

The rules about sports and recreational activities.


Issues around timeshare holiday homes or bogus holiday clubs. Things to watch out for before you sign a contract and your right to change your mind.

Tour operators

Your rights about companies that sell foreign holidays.

Traffic accidents

Information about road traffic accidents.

Transport and travel

Your rights about transport and travel. Includes the rules about foreign travel.

Travel agents

How to deal with any problems you have with travel agents. Who is responsible when things go wrong?

Water transport

Your rights about travel by sea, including on ocean liners, cruise ships and ferries.

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