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Communications and media

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Information about all different methods of communication.


Your rights to own your own literary and artistic material, music, films, sound recordings and broadcasts, including software and multimedia.

Data protection

Your rights about what personal information can be held about you. The rules about storing and passing on personal information.


The rules about using electronic mail, including your rights about using email at work.

Information technology

The rules about using computers, including computer crimes and viruses.


The rules about using the internet, including your rights about using domain names.


Information about using the media, including your rights about television, radio and newspapers.

Mobile phones

Your rights about buying and using mobile phones. Doesn't include traditional telephones or land lines.


Your rights about being photographed by paparazzi and the use of photographs that you have taken.

Postal services

Your rights about using postal services, and information about Royal Mail.


The rules about publishing, including your rights about the publishing of your own material.


The rules about radio broadcasting and the contents of radio programmes.


Your rights about recordings. The rules about piracy and illegal copying.


The rules about the content of programmes, including censorship issues.

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