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Young Worker Cafe We spend so much of our lives at work it is important that you are treated properly while you are there. Here we explain what your rights are, how to deal with problems, and how to stand up for yourself if you're being discriminated against or treated unfairly.

Young workers

A picture of a young person working in a cafe ...Are you young and working? Or, thinking about starting work for the first time? Don't let your job become a bad experience you'd rather forget - Have a read of our guide for Young Workers. It explains what rights you have at work and how to make sure you are treated properly by your boss.

Dealing with discrimination at work – how to use the grievance procedure

A picture of a young woman with a makeup case We show you how to use your work's grievance procedures to deal with problems at work because you are being discriminated against. It can also be used to help you to deal with other sorts of complaints.

You don't have to put up with it!

Photo of a middle aged woman If you're being discriminated against you don't just have to put up with it. Our guide explains the steps you can take and the organisations that can help you to put an end to unfair treatment.

Working parents

A picture of a family with two children Being a working parent is difficult. But there are laws to try and make it easier be a top-quality parent and a treasured employee at the same time. This guide explains what they are, and legal agony aunt, Beverly Reid, advises readers' how to use your rights in the real world. Parental rights, parents rights, parent working, time off

What’s a contract?

A picture of a woman at the counter in a  leisure centre ...We all make agreements with other people every day. But not all of those agreements are legally binding contracts. This guide looks at what a contract is, what your rights are, how to end a contract and what to do if something goes wrong.

Is that fair?

Photo of couple that live together Discrimination is completely unfair. And with the new Equality Act you have new rights to protect you from it! Our guide explains how to recognise when you are being discriminated against.

I'm disabled, but they didn't believe me!

Photo of a man smiling I have epilepsy but my claim for Disability Living Allowance was turned down. This is my story about how I appealed.

Turned down for DLA, AA or PIP? Or think you're not getting enough?

Photo of a woman Did they make the wrong decision about your claim for Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance? Do you want them to look at their decision again? We explain what to do every step of the way.

Managing your benefits - top tips

Photo of a woman The benefits system is really complicated and confusing and things often go wrong. Here are our top tips to help prevent problems from cropping up in the first place, and to help sort them out quickly when they occur. What are yours?

What are you looking for?

Age discrimination at work

Includes information on your rights not to be treated unfairly in the workplace because of your age - whether you are younger or older.


Legal requirements for setting up and registering a charity. How charities are required to operate, including rules on fund-raising activities.

Collective bargaining

Agreements made between trade unions and employers about the terms and conditions of employment.

Constructive dismissal

What to do if you have been forced to resign from work because of your employer's behaviour. Also includes wrongful dismissal.

Contract and conditions of employment

Your rights under your contract of employment, including pay and leave. Employers' and employees' rights and responsibilities. Also covers fixed-term contracts, illegal contracts and agency employees.

Disability discrimination at work

Information on your rights not to be treated unfairly in the workplace because of a disability.

Disciplinary procedures

What happens when your employer takes action against you for misconduct.

Discrimination at work

Includes information on your rights if you are treated less well than others in the workplace because of your age, disability, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. For more information on your rights not to be discriminated against in other settings, for example, in health and social care, shops and education, see Discrimination.

Dismissal and redundancy

What happens if you have been dismissed from work or made redundant, or you had to leave.

Employee participation

Your rights to take part in discussions with management about activities at work, including the right to elect employee representatives on works councils.

Employees rights

Your rights at work to fair pay, to have time off for specific reasons, to be treated fairly and to receive special treatment when pregnant.

Employment tribunals

Tribunals that deal with employment problems including unfair dismissal, failure to pay agreed wages and discrimination.

Health and safety at work

Your employer's duties to ensure your workplace is safe. Also includes employee's responsibilities.

Industrial action

Your rights to take action, including strikes, go-slows, and working to rule where you feel that a problem at work has not been dealt with.


Your rights to holidays from work. Includes rights to time off work for bank holidays and public holidays.

Parental rights

Includes information about the rights of working parents to time off, pay and to work flexibly.


Your right to pay under your employment contract; the national minimum wage; wages for agricultural workers; what can be deducted from your pay; and your right to equal pay.

Race discrimination at work

Information about your rights not to be treated unfairly in the workplace because of your race.


Your rights if you have been made redundant including information on losing your job because your workplace has closed or moved.

Religious discrimination at work

Information about your rights not to be treated unfairly in the workplace because of your religion or belief.

Self employment

How to tell if you are employed or self employed. The rules relating to working for yourself.

Sex discrimination at work

Information about your rights not to be treated unfairly in the workplace because of your gender. Covers sexual harassment at work and the rights of transgendered workers, or those planning to undergo gender reassignment.

Sexual orientation discrimination at work

Includes information about your rights not to be treated unfairly because of your sexual orientation.

Time off work

Your rights to be allowed time off work for specified reasons. Includes maternity leave.

Trade union membership

Your rights to belong to a trade union.

Trade unions and industrial relations

Your rights to join unions, to take part in decisions affecting your work and working conditions and to take industrial action in certain instances.


Help if you are unemployed. Government schemes aimed at helping you back into work.

Unfair dismissal

Your rights if you have lost your job including information on the difference between fair and unfair dismissal from work.

Voluntary work

Unpaid work in all areas of work and in the community.

Working time

The number of hours you are allowed to spend at work, including Sunday working.

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