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Environment and countryside

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Access to countryside

Your rights to roam.


The rules about farming, livestock and the agricultural industry.

Animal health

Information about animal diseases and their treatment, including BSE and foot and mouth.

Animal health and welfare

Information about health and welfare of animals.

Animal rights

Information about animal rights, animal testing and humane methods of rearing animals.


Your rights to access the countryside. Includes the laws relating to footpaths and bridleways.

Environmental protection

Information about caring for the environment, including using alternative energy sources.

Farm animals

Information about all types of farm animals

Footpaths and bridleways

Information about public rights of way for pedestrians, and the laws relating to footpaths and bridleways.

Nature conservation

The laws relating to conservation of birds, animals, plants, trees, and other wildlife.

Open spaces

The rules about the use of open spaces and your rights to access common land.


Information about pet welfare. Includes the law about dog fouling and dangerous dogs. Includes the rules about quarantine and pet passports when you bring pets into the UK.

Planning and building

The rules relating to buildings and other monuments. Includes your rights about planning applications and change-of-use procedures.


The laws regulating levels of pollution. Information about the amount of pollution in your area, and its impact. Includes air and water pollution, and contaminated land.

Radioactive contamination

Information about radioactive or nuclear accidents.

Waste disposal

The rules about the disposal of domestic waste. Includes tipping, refuse collection and recycling.

Wild animals

Information about keeping wild animals and the laws protecting them.

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